$ADA: SundaeSwap CTO on ‘How Impressively Resilient the Cardano Network Is’

On Sunday (22 January 2023), Pi Lanningham, CTO at Cardano-powered decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provision protocol SundaeSwap Labs, commented on the resilience of the Cardano ($ADA) network.

SundaeSwap is backed by cFund (“an early-stage sector agnostic venture firm in the Blockchain industry anchored by IOHK and managed by Wave Financial”); Alameda Research (the quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm and liquidity provider founded by FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried); and Double Peak Group (“a family office focused on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space”).

As CoinDesk reported earlier today (23 January 2022), some Cardano Mainnet nodes with incoming connections unexpectedly shut down, according to comments made by multiple stake pool operators (SPOs) on a GitHub bug report by SmaugPool.

SPO Tom Stokes, who is Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at NodeShark, tweeted:

The SundaeSwap CTO said:

The real takeaway for me is how impressively resilient the cardano network is. Something took down ~60% of nodes and the network recovered in a few minutes, and continued producing blocks throughout.

Rick McCracken, the host of YouTube channel “Digital Fortress”, tweeted that “during the anomaly on the #Cardano network, the entire network did not go down” and that there was just “a brief period of degradation.” He went on to say that most impacted nodes “gracefully recovered” and “no network restart was required.”

On the same day, blockchain startup dcSpark announced an important update to its lightweight and user-friendly wallet for Cardano.

dcSpark is best-known in the Cardano community for its sidechain project Milkomeda. On March 28, the Milkomeda Foundation announced the launch of Milkomeda C1, which “enables Ethereum dApps to be deployed in the Cardano ecosystem.” dcSpark’s light wallet for Cardano is called “Flint Wallet“.

Since it came from the same firm that is working on the Milkomeda project, Flint Wallet had native support for the Milkomeda C1 sidechain (which had its mainnet launch on 28 March 2022) right from the beginning:

The mobile version of Flint Wallet is available for both iOS and Android. Version 1.0 of the iOS app was released on 5 May 2022. Version 2.0.0 was released on 20 January 2023 for Android and on 21 January 2022 for iOS:

Here are the new features in this version:

  • Milkomeda v1 support
  • ability to toggle asset list and portfolio based on selected coin type
  • ability to display send/received token amount in the transaction history
  • pull to refresh feature available now on balance and transaction pages

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