This Is the Best School in Every State

have greater disparities in quality than schools — a distinction especially important considering what is at stake. Each year, millions of American children enroll in school for the first time, and their likelihood of academic success is determined in part by the institution they attend. 

Factors such as teacher engagement, academic rigor, diversity, and the availability of extracurricular activities vary from school to school and can meaningfully impact a child’s life — both as a student and beyond.

Using a range of data points, including academic outcomes as well as parent and student survey responses, Niche, a school and neighborhood data platform, ranked schools in each state by overall quality. Using Niche’s 2022 K-12 School & District Rankings, 24/7 Wall St. identified the best school in each state.

In most states, the school with the highest overall quality ranking is a private school. Private schools typically offer smaller class sizes, specialized academic programs, and stronger administrative support. These advantages often come at a high price, however. Admission to many private schools on this list costs tens of thousands a year. Here is a look at the most expensive private high schools in America

Public schools in the United States generally admit students who reside within the district. However, many of the public schools on this list are magnet schools that students must apply to for admission. Though publicly funded, these schools often more closely resemble private institutions in that students often live on campus and are admitted, in part, based on aptitude. Here is a look at the best public high school in each state

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