Tesla Produced Over 3 Mln Vehicles, 1 Mln In China: Elon Musk

Luxury electric car maker Tesla Inc. has produced more than 3 million vehicles, of which 1 million in Shanghai Gigafactory, according to its founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk.

In a tweet on Sunday, Musk said, “Congrats Giga Shanghai on making millionth car! Total Teslas made now over 3M.”

The Shanghai factory, which was opened in 2018, crossed the milestone despite temporary shutdowns due to resurgence of COVID-19 restrictions and parts shortages that threatened Tesla’s vehicle production.

Shanghai factory is Tesla’s first Gigafactory outside the United States, while Giga Berlin is the first Tesla factory in Europe. The company also has car factories in Fremont, California; and Austin, Texas.

Musk announced recently that Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, its very first car factory, produced its 2 millionth vehicle.

In a June interview, Musk had referred its new car factories in Texas and Berlin to as money furnaces, noting that they were losing billions of dollars as supply chain disruptions affect the electric vehicle giant’s ability to ramp up production.

He then had said getting Berlin and Austin functional and getting Shanghai back in the saddle fully were overwhelmingly their concerns.

In its latest second quarter, the company produced over 258,000 vehicles and delivered over 254,000 vehicles, a 26.5 percent increase from last year, despite ongoing supply chain challenges and factory shutdowns. Tesla said June 2022 was the highest vehicle production month in its history.

Earlier this year, Tesla had announced plans to increase vehicle deliveries by 50 percent annually.

Musk recently said the company intends to reduce Tesla’s salaried workforce by 10 percent in the next three months, but to increase the number of hourly employees. Tesla’s layoffs would affect 3.5 percent of the total workforce.

Last week, Musk had sold around 7.9 million shares of Tesla worth around $6.88 billion to avoid an emergency sale of its stock in the event of a forceful Twitter deal. He is facing a legal battle for his intended withdrawal from planned $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform.

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