Tesla Model Y Retains Title As Most American-Made Car

Tesla Inc.’s Model Y has once again been named the most American-made car, according to the latest rankings released by Cars.com.

In a remarkable achievement, Tesla claimed the top four spots on the 100-car list, with the Model Y, Model 3, Model X, and Model S securing the first through fourth positions, respectively.

Cars.com utilizes multiple criteria to determine eligibility for the American-Made Index, including the final assembly location, the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts in compliance with the American Automotive Labeling Act, the origin of available engines and transmissions, and the number of U.S. manufacturing employees relative to the automaker’s footprint.

Out of the 388 cars evaluated, 100 made it to the annual index, representing models from 11 automakers and 23 brands. The complete list can be accessed at Cars.com/ami. Notable entries in the top 10 include the Honda Passport, Volkswagen ID.4, Honda Odyssey, Acura MDX, Honda Ridgeline, and Acura RDX.

Jennifer Newman, editor-in-chief of Cars.com, revealed that the 2023 evaluation involved thorough assessments, with representatives conducting 437 in-person lot visits to verify information and evaluate the cars on the list. Newman emphasized the significance of making the list, irrespective of ranking, as it signifies the positive impact these vehicles have on the U.S. economy, particularly in terms of employment and local support.

Newman attributed Tesla’s success in securing the top positions to its business model, which prioritizes regional production. The Model Y, 3, X, and S are all manufactured in Fremont, California, with the Model Y also produced in Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. Tesla claims a 100% domestic production rate for all cars sold in the United States, surpassing the industry average of 52%, as reported by Cars.com.

While General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. did not have vehicles in the top 10, they accounted for the largest share of models on the list, with GM contributing 18% and Ford 17%, the latter increasing by 5 percentage points compared to the previous year. Stellantis NV held 9% of the list, predominantly represented by models from its Jeep brand.

GM’s highest-ranking vehicle on the list was the Chevrolet Corvette, produced in Bowling Green, Kentucky, securing the 19th position and topping among the Detroit Three. However, the GMC Canyon fell to No. 33 from its previous No. 12 position on the 2022 AMI. Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning, produced at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, made its debut on the Cars.com list, ranking as the highest model for the Dearborn automaker at No. 38. Stellantis’ highest-ranking model was the Dodge Durango, assembled at the Detroit Assembly Complex-Jefferson, securing the No. 21 spot.

Michigan emerged as the state with the highest production, with 16% of vehicles on the index assembled within its borders. Alabama and Tennessee followed closely behind with 12% and 11%, respectively. Despite this, the South led the regional vehicle production for the American-Made Index, accounting for 56% of the total, reflecting a 19 percentage point increase since 2020, according to Newman. In comparison, 41% of vehicles on the index were built in the Midwest.

A recent Cars.com survey, sampling 1,013 nationally-representative in-market car buyers, revealed that 48% are willing to pay more for a car if it contributes to U.S. job creation.

While Tesla secured all four spots at the top of the list, Volkswagen made its debut on the American-Made Index with two placements, including the ID.4 EV at No. 6. In 2022, Volkswagen shifted production of the ID-4 from Germany to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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