Special agents, counterterrorism analysts, and computer scientists — here are current openings at the FBI, and how much they pay.

  • From special agents to administrative assistants, the FBI currently has over 80 job openings. 
  • Insider analyzed jobs and salaries to better understand opportunities at the top-secret agency.
  • The FBI has quite a few roles currently open, and active talent networks that job-seekers can use.
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From special agents to computer scientists to administrative assistants, jobs at the FBI are shrouded in mystery. 

Insider dug into current job postings at the government agency in an attempt to clarify job postings, requirements, and pay, so that you don’t have to. 

Our findings show that some positions are just ordinary roles — administrative assistants, HR positions, or computer scientists. The roles, while based at a top-secret agency, would look similar to working anywhere else. However, job descriptions for other roles like special agent and counter-terrorism analyst sound like they’re straight from the movies. 

Find out below what FBI jobs you might be qualified for. 

Special agents

One of the most popularly dramatized positions within government agencies, special agents are employed by the FBI for a variety of positions and specialties. However, before someone can become a special agent, there is a significant application process that includes a physical fitness test, a few exams, and an in-depth background check. 

Aside from passing the tests and exams, applicants must also be a US citizen, between 23 and 36 years old, hold a four-year degree, and have at least two years of professional work experience. 

Many federal employees are paid according to a schedule. During training, special agents are paid on the GL schedule, which lays out pay for federal law enforcement officers, and typical pay is just over $50,000, according to latest pay tables. Upon graduation, pay is adjusted based on geographic area, but the site says that special agents typically reach a salary of about $80,000 within five years. 



Computer scientists

The FBI has a few different job postings for computer scientists. According to job descriptions, the computer scientists are charged with handling systems, from procurement to various types of installation and maintenance. 

Like special agents, computer scientists must go through an assessment. This assessment is less intense than the special agent assessment, and simply grades the candidate on various competencies, including analytical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and more. 

Salary depends on experience and education. For applicants with the lowest requirements — including an undergraduate degree and one year of experience — salary would be between $50,860 – $66,120. For the highest combination of education and experience — which requires a doctorate level of education — salary would be between $100,940 – $131,223. 

Below are links to current openings for computer scientists:

  • Computer Scientist – Seattle Field Office
  • Computer Scientist – Security Division


Security personnel

Security personnel within the FBI are charged with tasks like planning and managing travel,  understanding overseas security situations, tracking information related to security threats, and more.  Many security positions are only open to current FBI employees, but there are a few that are open to the general public. 

Below is a list of a few open positions, along with the pay listed in job descriptions. 

  • Lead Security Specialist: $122,530 – $159,286
  • Supervisory Security Specialist – Chief Security Officer, Albuquerque Field Office: $109,571 – $142,439
  • Security Specialist, Columbia, SC:  $64,649 – $84,049
  • Security Specialist, Charlotte Field Office: $78,484 – $121,326



Analysts in the FBI are charged with understanding the depths of their field’s subject matter. From cyber threats to terrorism to finance and budget, analysts are on the job to report and understand what is happening that impacts their department. 

For example, the cyber division analyst is charged with managing software development teams and preparing analysis for the Cyber Technology Review Committee. The intelligence analyst, on the other hand, identifies, research, and reports on terrorist threats and how the US is responding. 

Below we’ve listed a few roles that are currently open. Visit the FBI’s site for a full list. 

  • Management and Program Analyst, Cyber Division: $122,530 – $159,286
  • Management and Program Analyst, Terrorist Screening Center: $122,530 – $159,286
  • Supervisory Budget Analyst, Finance Division: $112,548 – $146,309
  • Intelligence Analyst, National Counter-terrorism Center: $72,030 – $157,709

Human resources

Of the departments listed, the FBI’s human resources department has the highest number of jobs currently posted. However, most postings here are calls for job-searchers to apply for talent networks run by the FBI. 

These talent networks note that they don’t necessarily have vacancies right now. Instead, applicants are asked to submit their information. If it feels like a fit, the FBI will extend a formal invite to information sessions. These posted talent networks allow interested applicants to get more information before formally applying. The site has postings for special agent talent networks, forensic examiner talent networks, and electronics technician talent networks.

However, there are also actual jobs posted within the HR department.  We’ve listed a few below, along with salaries disclosed in the job descriptions. 

  • Employee Assistance Counselor: $55,756 – $103,309
  • Administrative Specialist: $37,301 – $71,764
  • Supervisory Administrative Specialist: $55,204 – $86,021



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