How much does a CV cost?

There are a growing number of companies on the market offering bespoke application writing services or advice on how to fix resume. Often these are companies from the HR industry with extensive experience in the labour market, but there is also a growing number of those who work only online, offering only document preparation. Jobseekers use the services of these companies. Does it mean that they can’t write their CVs themselves?

Companies are looking for their niche in the market, but the market will confirm the need for such services itself. However, since they have emerged, most often offered by recruitment companies, it means that there is a demand for these services.

There are more and more companies providing these kinds of services, which confirms the growing demand for them. Those who are looking for a job or want to change jobs care about success and are willing to invest in it.

How much does it cost to order application documents?

It depends on many factors. Among other things, it depends on how recognisable the company is in the market, which in this case often translates into its experience.

Most companies vary the price of this service depending on the number of years of professional experience. Thus, the lowest price will be paid by a person who has just graduated from university, and a higher one by a manager with many years of experience. Creating a resume for an executive requires more time and analysis of his career path.

You can also order a package – CV plus cover letter – which is much cheaper. There is an additional charge for preparing the application in a foreign language and for express deadlines.

But don’t just take the price into account and choose the cheapest company.

An effective CV and cover letter!

Writing a CV is expensive, but there is no guarantee that you will get the job.

In consultancy services such as CV writing, the price is related to quality and effectiveness. The cheapest can be provided without any contact with the person who orders it – everything is done online. It’s worth considering whether it’s better to pay more but buy a service where the person writing our CV will contact us by phone. Then he/she will interview us, so he/she can understand our professional needs. He/she will then select from our professional path the key experience and competencies for the position. Professional companies, having created a CV, send it to us for approval or to make any corrections. They only close the order when they are sure that we are satisfied.

However, it is worth remembering that ordering a CV does not guarantee a job, but only increases our chances that the recruiter will be interested in our application and will invite us to a recruitment meeting.

A well-written CV can therefore be a harbinger of success in the form of getting your dream job. However, whether we succeed depends on many factors, largely on ourselves.

If someone can’t cope with writing a CV, why not take advantage of this type of offer. But it’s important not to lose the personal touch in this decision and to prepare yourself for the interview.