Russia and Venezuela discussed Petro's crypto currency and opportunities for cooperation

Officials from the governments of Venezuela and Russia discussed the recently launched crypto currency Petro during a meeting in Moscow this week.

Venezuelan Finance Minister Simon Zerpa Delgado on Wednesday in Moscow discussed cooperation between the two governments.

Delgado explained:

"At this meeting we considered economic and financial cooperation between the two countries, with special attention to the new crypto currency of Venezuela: Petro. We provide Minister Siluanov with updated information about our crypto currency. "

"Russia and Venezuela will continue to strengthen their trade balance", – declared Delgado.

It is unclear whether the Russian government will play a role in the development of Petro, which, as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promised, will be used to bypass international sanctions imposed on the country. A Russian company called Aerotrading was associated with the project, as previously reported.

Venezuelan citizens reacted ambiguously to the Launching, some of them welcomed the currency within the "new economic era", while others called it a means of corruption.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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