Opinion: the price of Ethereum Classi will rise before the forthcoming Callisto

The team of developers Ethereum Classi has announced a hardphone called Callisto (CLO), which will bring additional coins to holders of ETC in the ratio 1: 1. As expected, hardfork will be launched around 5 March 2018 year.

The history of the emergence of Callisto (CLO)

Ethereum classic is a crypto currency created as a result of Ethereum's hard-core, as a result of the community's refusal to accept the ETH application, DAO.

Now it's the turn of Ethereum Classi itself that will undergo a hard call called Callisto. Callisto is a blockchain technology that works on the classic Ethereum Classi protocol. Hardist Callisto will not look like ETH, but will be similar to Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond.

Callisto will be a new Blockchain with its own coin, called CLO, which aims to test experimental protocols, solve block scaling problems and create a management system. The Callisto project will accrue its coins in the ratio 1: 1 to the holders of Ethereum Class, which, most likely, will lead to a good increase in prices for Ethereum Class.

Free Coins Callisto for ETC Coin Holders

The CLO coin will have the same story with the ETC chain, but on the 5 500 000 block the network will start creating its own. This plug is expected somewhere 5 March 2018 year. On accounts with balances of ethereum classic at the stage 5 500 000 at the time of launch, 1 Callisto (CLO) will be received for each ETC that will be on the account.

Due to the fact that the developers of CLO believe that there are certain problems with the design of smart contracts ETC, a snapshot of CLO will be made. According to the official document CLO, for the stability of the contract for hacking, CLO developers plan to create an official department for the audit of intellectual contracts CLO and ETC.

The White paper CLO explains that:

"Callisto's main goal is to research and develop a reference implementation of the self-sustaining, self-managed, self-financing Blockchain ecosystem and the development environment."

How will the impact on the price of ETC?

As for exchanges and platforms that will support the CLO, the official has not yet been reported. When it comes to the price of ETC, you can remember that this crypto currency was relatively stable than others, and many experts expect that hardfock will positively affect the price of Ethereum Classi on the eve of the upcoming hardcore.

Author: Yevgeny Yakubenko, AnalystFreedman Club Crypto News

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