How Asset-Backed RUSH (RUC) Tokens Are Pioneering The Future Of Payments

Today, there are all kinds of ways to make payments quickly. You can do so with a few clicks online, or by swiping your debit/credit card at a point-of-sale terminal. And also by placing your smartphone near an NFC connection. Payments have evolved from the early days of barter and trade to coins and paper money, to digital technologies.

However, the latest and most disruptive technology to transform payments is blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency tokens. The emerging financial technology still faces lots of challenges, such as volatility and the establishment of a value based on a network that’s backed by nothing.

The new RUSH (RUC) token seeks to solve all these issues and revolutionize the payment industry forever. Here’s how.

RUSH Tokens Solve The Problems That Bitcoin And Other Payment Networks Can’t 

RUSH (RUC) is a new Ethereum-based ERC20 token backed by real-world assets. Billionaire Mark Mobius bashed Bitcoin because it is not backed by any tangible asset. He said that investors should look towards gold or other actual ‘real-world’ assets instead. Mr. Mobius was correct in his evaluation somewhat. But why?

Consider that a user attempts to make a payment with Bitcoin. By the time the business receives the BTC payment on their end, the price could have crashed dramatically. The price difference could result in a loss over a product or good sold or service provided, making business use next to impossible, or outright foolish. 

RUSH solves that concern. It addresses the requirement of digital assets being backed by available commodities to supply sustainable value and pricing stability.

RUSH offers the stability of being backed by aggregate quarries, and this stability makes RUSH ideal for businesses and individuals to make payments to and from one another. RUSH tokens also offer investors more inherent value because of tethering to a real-world asset. Each token is valued at the equivalent to one cubic meter worth of ownership in aggregate quarries and can be exchanged for tangible assets.

The ‘RUSH’ To Buy RUC Tokens On ProBit For Real-World Asset Value Will Be Real

Because RUSH is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, the payment protocol offers unparalleled transparency and safety for users. Distribution of the tokens is also fair, and completely visible through the blockchain. RUC is available for purchase on the ProBit cryptocurrency trading platform and exchange.

RUSH was also built with an added focus on security and provides users with helpful instructions on how to secure their RUSH tokens properly.

RUSH is one of the most exciting new ways to digitally own real-world assets with asset-backed RUC tokens, now available on ProBit. With RUSH now released into the world, the payments space will never be the same. For more information on RUSH, visit the company website.

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