EOZ- Blockchain combines with Neural Network to revolutionize Lending

EOZ is an organization based on financial system and cryptocurrency. No matter where you are, the power of trading will be in your hands if you are connected to the Internet and there is a guaranteed profit for both the sender and receiver. They are touted to be a new company that shall reduce the barrier of entry into global financial markets and increasing liquidity.

Any investor can lend coins from their investments and earn profits. EOZ will be circulating based on a fixed cap. Lending can be done only on the EOZ platform through EOZ coins which will result in increased demand for EOZ coins in the market. Interestingly, EOZ has classified investors into slabs based on the capability of the investor and depending upon their position in the slab they will earn money.

In addition, that investor holds the power to withdraw his principal investment with a penalty of 20%. The company comes with a trend of providing customer support for price protection. For the first 15 days of the launch, EOZ shall maintain the price of $35 after which they will be listed in External Cryptocurrency Exchange.

With a good track record in the stock markets of achieving 200% using their Artificial Neural Network, the organization ventured out into cryptocurrency 4 years ago. They have developed their own algorithm and now they are making it public so people get benefitted from their technology. The product goes by the tagline,

“High Investment High Risk and High Profit, Low Investment Low Risk and Low Profit, High Investment Low Risk and Low Profit”

The response of their pre-sales was very gracious in terms of people purchasing their coins at 0.85 USD. Currently, they are in stage 1 of their ICO and comparative pricing at 1.35 USD they have achieved 17% sales. By end of next quartile, they are planning to scale up their business to the users by developing and launching wallet apps and listing in the exchange for the trade of coins.

Daniel Cronjie, a Bitcoin investor from Cape Town says,

“I generally stay away from all ICOs and blockchain related investments but EOZ looks promising. They have good tech and well if the product is based on an artificial neural network it is going to be good. They definitely look like they will deliver”

Investors earn passive income in terms of Staking, Mining, Trading and promoting. The promotions program of EOZ is very attractive because the affiliate program generates passive income for the investor and all he needs to do is just promote. People shall be awarded Luxure Goals if they meet the number of referrals target. Most profitable part of EOZ ecosystem is EOZ lending.

You could visit their website here – https://www.eoz.com/

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