How to Earn on Intraday Crypto Trading

Trader Lev Antropov shared his experience with us.

I apply a cowardly tactic, for it is better to earn less, but have a stable income. 70% of my work consists of intraday scalping. At the same time, I do not use leverage and stop-loss orders.

If on Thursday we buy Bitcoin at a minimum somewhere between 1:40 PM and 3:00 PM and then sell it before 9:00 PM, there is a high probability of earning 1% after the deduction of all relevant fees. This is a well-known rule. As Asia goes to bed and fixes, the West wakes up and buys any sagging cryptocurrency. If you did not sell by then, sell at 2:40 AM and then stock up on cryptos at 7:20 AM.

With 100,000 rubles, we receive a profit of 1,000 rubles. For cryptocurrencies, it may seem like pennies, but it is a stable income. A 1,000 there, 300 there, 20 rubles and 30 kopecks over there, and there we have it.

You can find other solutions for such trading; all the answers are on the charts. We are interested in any patterns that can be found by analyzing the daily values ​​of cryptocurrencies, all other things being equal.

Strict Adherence to a Plan

As a rule, the difference between buying and selling for me is from 0.5 to 1.5%. Everyone knows that the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Many people have witnessed how quickly Bitcoin’s price can shift from 620,000 rubles and grow to 640,000 rubles, which is a 2.5% profit. But I do not anticipate how much it will grow; my rule is, if I make a profit of 1.5%, then I close the position.

If, after buying a cryptocurrency, I see large sell orders or a negative news background, or sometimes I even simply listen to my intuition about whether there will be a decline, I immediately close the position. The growth of an asset even by 0.5% does not exclude the possibility of losing everything, more precisely, having a minimum profit of 0.1% if the fee on the exchange is 0.2%.

Always remember that there must be a strict plan that must be adhered to, regardless of the possible loss of profit which could have been attained if you had not exited the trade in time. Any planned action is always correct.

Which Cryptocurrencies to Use

This is the list of “golden” (in my humble opinion!) coins:



—there is sufficient volatility for these coins;

—there is much needed predictability and repeatability;

—these cryptocurrencies are also good for medium-term trades and for long-term investments.

Unfortunately, There Are Some Pitfalls

This method of trading is very difficult to conduct manually. Therefore, for three months I have been working on creating a software algorithm based on the regularities I found. For example, when there is the growth of the market all week, prices usually go down on the weekend, and vice versa. Unfortunately, without a control center, namely my head, the program cannot work.

I trade on exchanges that offer access via API, such as Livecoin, Yobit, Exmo, and Kuсoin.

The monthly profit is 40–60%. No “x”s.

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Tactic

—you can start making profits from the first week of trading;

—it is unlikely that you will earn enough for a Lambo, but you can perceive such an occupation as an average job;

—any fall of the market will not significantly affect the portfolio.

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