Coinbase Ups Lobbying Efforts In DC With A New Nationwide Campaign

  • Coinbase has launched a nationwide campaign in the U.S. called “Crypto: America Moving Forward” as part of its lobbying efforts
  • The new lobbying efforts include a television campaign featuring CEO Brian Armstrong that will be aired in Washington DC. 
  • The crypto exchange has also planned a Stand for Crypto Day to gather the crypto community in DC to demand pro-crypto policies. 
  • Coinbase will also host a crypto summit next month in collaboration with the Financial Times. 

American crypto giant Coinbase has upped its lobbying efforts in the United States by launching a nationwide campaign called “Crypto: America Moving Forward”. The campaign entails a four-fold approach to highlight the importance of cryptocurrency as a technology that will play a key role in modernizing the global financial system. 

Coinbase’s TV Ads Will Feature CEO Brian Armstrong

According to a recent blog post by Coinbase, the new national campaign will explain the critical role that crypto will play as an underlying technology that will update the global financial system. The crypto exchange highlighted the developments in the blockchain landscape of rival economies like China and how the lack of proper regulation in the United States will lead to unpleasant consequences. The new campaign will also inform the country’s leadership about the national security risk that stems from technology and innovation moving out of the country. 

The campaign will begin with a series of four TV ads featuring CEO Brian Armstrong. These ads will air on popular Sunday shows. The crypto exchange will explain the importance of crypto to the viewers through four chapters set to air each weekend. Coinbase will also promote an educational program about the history of money. Additionally, the exchange’s campaign will include a wallscape campaign on Wall Street and a series of messages aired during the NBA playoffs on the need to update the financial system. The exchange will also have an armored truck turned into a mobile billboard, driven around New York to “show how inefficiently money moves today.”

Most of the world is embracing this technology now, to update their financial system. And what I fear is that we’re gonna be sitting here in 5 or 10 years and we’re gonna come back to crypto and think about it like we did with 5G or semiconductors.”

Coinbase will also organize a Stand for Crypto Day, where members of the crypto community will gather in Washington D.C. to advocate for pro-crypto policies and regulations from their political representatives in Congress. The crypto exchange will also host the State of Crypto Summit in New York on June 22, 2023, in collaboration with the Financial Times. The summit will bring together influential players from the traditional financial sector to discuss the various ways in which crypto is being deployed as financial technology.

The recent developments surrounding Coinbase, including the latest nationwide campaign, appear to have reassured its investors. The crypto firm’s share price has gained over 7% in the past 24 hours, reaching as high as $61. The stock ($COIN) is up nearly 22% since the beginning of May.

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