Blockchain Entertainment Studio To Release David Lynch-Produced 'The Happy Worker'

Blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV is rolling out the first films for its original content label SingularCine, including the David Lynch-produced The Happy Worker.

Written by Stephen Feinberg, Jerold Pearson and director Duwayne Dunham, The Happy Worker offers a utopian view of the world. It follows generations of diggers, living in harmony with themselves and each other. As they patiently dig an ever-larger hole in the blazing desert sun, observed by local native tribes, they find their peaceful way of life disrupted by machinery and greed.

Directed by Duwayne Dunham, whose resume includes Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and Little Giants, as well as several television films. His connection with Lynch dates to Twin Peaks, where he won an Emmy Award in 1990.

The original content label SingularCine also is issuing Alex Winter’s sequel to Deep Web about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is now in post-production and expected to be ready for fall.

SingularDTV raises funds for films and music using the ethereum cryptocurrency platform. Filmmakers can use its proprietary apps to develop, shoot and distribute their work using blockchain technology.

“We are delighted to be working with director Duwayne Dunham and producer Bill Borden on The Happy Worker, which will go into production in Utah in August this year,” said Kim Jackson, the Singular president and one of the film’s producers. “And to have an artist of David’s caliber joining us on the blockchain is very cool. Bringing this truly unique brand of storytelling to SingularCine – is something we know our audiences will dig, pun intended.”

“David originally gave me the script to direct, saying that if he were to make it, he would probably make it strange and weird,” said Dunham. “But if I were to make it, with my sensibilities, I might be able to turn it into something memorable. A true artist, David is totally into a director’s freedom.”

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