Bitcoin to Reach $10 Million, Forecasts Investment Firm Founder Larry Lepard

According to Larry Lepard, managing partner at Boston-based investment management firm Equity Management Associates, the end of the dollar era might be the beginning of Bitcoin’s golden age.

As The Daily Hodl reported, on April 10, Lepard predicted during an interview with Kitco News that the U.S. dollar would collapse within the next decade. This collapse, he believes, will significantly boost the price of Bitcoin.

Lepard mentioned that as people become more aware of the dollar’s depreciation, they’ll gravitate toward assets like Bitcoin, gold, and property. He pointed out a key advantage Bitcoin has over gold—its limited supply of 21 million coins. According to Lepard, this scarcity will be central to Bitcoin’s long-term price increase.

He elaborated, “If Bitcoin goes to $100,000 tomorrow, there’s not going to be any more Bitcoin created.” As more people choose Bitcoin as a means of saving, Lepard believes the price will continue to climb, potentially hitting $100,000, then $1 million, and eventually reaching an astounding $10 million per coin.

While Lepard acknowledges that Bitcoin’s journey will be volatile, with significant downturns along the way, he remains confident in the technology and its long-term success.

However, he identifies governments as potential roadblocks. They may slow down Bitcoin’s progress by making it more challenging to enter and exit crypto markets and imposing higher capital gains taxes.

Despite these challenges, Lepard believes such actions would demonstrate Bitcoin’s lasting presence and solidify its position as the currency of the future.
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