Survey reveals top 10 states interested in Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and Litecoin [LTC]

A survey published by RewardExpert yesterday found the top 10 states in the United States interested in cryptocurrency and the top 10 states for using Bitcoin and other cryptos as currency. They said:

“RewardExpert analyzed search traffic and geographical data to see which states’ residents are most interested in cryptocurrencies, and where you can most easily use them for purposes other than investment.”

For the top 10 states interested in cryptocurrencies, they analyzed Google Trends keyword search data to find keywords and ranked the states out of a possible score of 100.

California scored highest, with a search ranking of 98 for Bitcoin [BTC], 97 for Ethereum [ETH], 91 for Litecoin [LTC], and 88 for Ripple [XRP]. New York scored 2nd on the list, with interests mainly in Litecoin and Ethereum. New Jersey closely followed New York in terms of search traffic, with interests being in Ripple. Washington was in 4th, with a 100 out of 100 interest in Ethereum. Alaska was in 5th, with the highest keyword search volume for the term “cryptocurrency”.

Nevada followed in 6th place, ranking 84 in the overall Google trends score. Florida was in 7th place, with an average score of 74 for specific currency keyword searches and 77 for the term “cryptocurrency” itself. Utah ranked 8th, with a high interest in Bitcoin, scoring 81 on the keyword scale.

Connecticut came in at 9th place, with search interest high in Bitcoin and especially Litecoin, with a high score of 85. Colorado came in 10th, with a high interest towards Ethereum, scoring 81.


The top 10 states for using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were also explored. This was determined by using Geographical Information Systems data to determine which outlets at what locations accept cryptocurrencies. This was then compared with the number of residents and ranked accordingly.

Washington D.C. came in first for supporting infrastructure for cryptos, with 4.49 Bitcoin ATMs per million residents and 2.39 establishments per million residents that accept crypto payments. It has 3 Bitcoin ATMs and 16 establishments that accept crypto payments.

New Hampshire came in 2nd, with 62 establishments accepting cryptocurrency payments statewide. It contains a total of 4 Bitcoin ATMs, which comes up to around 3 ATMs per million residents. Georgia, in 3rd, boasted of a presence of 24 BTC ATMs statewide. This was somewhat offset by the number of places that accepted cryptocurrencies for payments, as it was only 45.

Nevada came in 4th, with 4 Bitcoin ATMs in the Las Vegas area and 78 establishments accepting payments through cryptos. Colorado, in 5th, had 90 establishments that accepted cryptos for payment and 7 ATMs statewide.

Kansas came in 6th, with a whopping 110 establishments accepting cryptocurrency payments, out of which 88 were restaurants. However, the state has only 1 Bitcoin ATM. New York was in 7th place, with 23 ATMs statewide, 20 of which are in New York City, plus Westchester and Nassau Counties, with the remaining three in the Capital Region.

Michigan, in 8th place, with 5 Bitcoin ATMs statewide and 63 establishments accepting cryptocurrencies. Missouri was in 9th, with 5 ATMs statewide and 63 establishments accepting crypto-payments. Oregon ranked 10th, with 1 Bitcoin ATM and 56 establishments accepting Bitcoin.

Lastly, a list was made comprising of states which had both interest and infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. They were, in order, New York, Nevada Washington D.C., California, Colorado, Florida, Utah, New Hampshire Washington, and Michigan.

The survey provides a look into the overall popularity of cryptocurrencies in the United States and allows us to gain an idea of the mindsets of the people investing in these currencies.

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