Why Stellar Lumens [XLM] is the next bull in line!

Stellar [XLM] was trending in a bullish trade from the beginning of April till the 22nd and from there on the prices have been consolidating. At press time XLM still seems to be buoyant as it is trading in the average 20 to 80 range as seen in the RSI indicator.

Stellar [XLM] has a market capitalization of $8 billion and growing. At press time the trading price for XLM is $0.43 with a circulation supply volume of $45 million.

In the last one week period, the prices have surged by 1.80%. There is not a major difference depicted in its 1-hour chart and the 24-hour chart as the prices have increased by 0.26% and 0.32% respectively.

The crypto-market is experiencing a bullish trend for a week but XLM has only managed to keep the numbers slightly above the average mark. The buoyant factor in XLM price has been incredible as it manages to keep digits in positives.

Torben Stark Tweeted:


“If it reaches a Market Cap of 80Billion like ETH it’s ten times more than now, so it would be 4$. 50$ who knows – nothing is impossible, but not within the next couple years I think.”

Hank a Twitterati says:

“Stellar is a stale currency. I see the prices for the token has remained almost the same in such a long period. When the whole crypto-market is in a Bull Run and gaining a hike in price, XLM remains to be a tortoise. I mean it in a positive sense, as in it will surge when the rest of market is dormant”

Claire on a social media says:

“A disclaimer: I do not take part in investing in crypto-currency. I see that the market is hugely owned by Bitcoin; the majority of the world does not recognize altcoins or know they even exist. On a long run yes, altcoins such XLM and TRX will be well known.”

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