New features in Ethereum Classic [ETC] but still a 32% drop!

Ethereum Classic [ETC] is wrecking the hopes of its holders since the last 7 days with a steep 32% fall. Among the top 20 coins, this has been the most dramatic downfall. This continuous decline has led the current price to be at $23.67.

ETC is traded in the majority of exchanges like OKEx, Bithumb, and Huobi to name a few. Despite this downward trend, there were a lot of new things happening around ETC. Graphics, Advisors, funding and more. ETC is gearing up for the chase in the long run with the flurry of news about the Callisto airdrop.

Panek, an Ethereum enthusiast says:

He further tweets:

They have also added a new member to the moderation team and have started a second telegram, ETC Italia Telegram. Mario Michel is the new addition who is a MOD on the main Telegram and forums.

New Advisors: ETC Cooperative on its expansion

A new Board of Advisors was introduced with some popular faces from the crypto market – Charles Hoskinson, Elaine Ou, Igor Artamanov, Barry Silbert and James Wo.

They are planning on revamping the ETC site, create a system to fund community-driven projects and in addition, have a few surprise announcements in line.

They have also decided to use the funds donated by the community to improvise the ETC ecosystem. They will announce the 500k+ fund by the community that is to be put towards projects.

Another good news for ETC holders is the addition of ETC on Centra Cards. Users can now spend their ETC currency with a centra debit card.

Robbert, a market enthusiast said:

“Good to see that ETC is putting in efforts for marketing.”

Partha, an ETC follower on Twitter said,

“Thank you – 2018 will be an incredible year for ETC – many irons in the fire.”

AMBCrypto also spoke to an ETC investor, Jamie Cronjie from Capetown, he says,

“ETC is a pointless fork with stupid philosophical values. I know I did invest but this is what I have to say. I really don’t see much utility or value proposition here. ETC handled the highest volume of transactions ever just yesterday but unfortunately, I think everyone was selling. It is not the bottom yet. Waiting for an announcement of the listing date and time of the hard fork and air drops of Callisto. We are close to the bottom, should be up from here, then again depends on the Bitcoin market”

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