IOST (IOST) Welcomes Binance as Partner Node Staking Over 800 Million IOST

Some rules to remember while participating in the program are as follows.

1) On a first-come-first-serve basis.

2) Interest calculation cycle: from 12:00 PM UTC the day after the votes are successfully recorded to the end of the cycle.

3) Distribution: Daily

In addition, there are several other points of importance that IOST holders should be aware of. First, the users must cast votes via the Binance Staking official site. The rate of return is adjusted daily based on the on-chain rewards, and the exact value is subject to the percentage displayed on the site every day. Finally, users must ensure they are KYC-approved on the exchange.

Why Stake on IOST

In a relatively short time – two years since the launch of its mainnet – IOST has cemented itself as a leading blockchain network with various government collaborations and enterprise alliances the world over.

IOST is, in fact, one of the Big Four public chains with a huge user base alongside the likes of Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and TRON. At present, IOST boasts of 500,000 community members, presence in more than 20 countries across the globe, running more than 400 nodes, providing a staking option to its users, and more.

Staking IOST tokens gives the network unparalleled security, usability, and fairness via better decentralization.

As recently reported by BTCManager, IOST was first and third under basic technology, and overall categories, according to the 21st release of the CCID Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.

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