Zinc Protocol Building Blockchain-Based Advertising Ecosystem with IronSource’s Backing

The Zinc Protocol project is developing a solution that will make online advertising more transparent and efficient.

Advertising is the price we pay for a free internet, but recently, our online experience has been getting worse due to a host of reasons, including fraudulent advertising, lack of accountability and breach of privacy issues. Similarly, genuine advertisers also suffer due to the overall declining state of the industry and the resulting consumer behavior.

In reality, the online advertising industry is a black box for the majority of us. It is controlled by the two largest ad networks, Google and Facebook, but we know next to nothing about their privacy policies and the way they collect and use our personal data to provide targeted ads.

According to research, in 2020, digital advertising spend is expected to reach $335 billion, with a roughly 30% loss as a result of fraud and inefficient targeting practices.

Zinc Protocol brings a solution

The project was launched to stop the opaque practices typical of the online advertising business, weed out bad actors, and increase value for users and advertisers.

Working in partnership with IronSource, the Zinc team aims to introduce an entirely new digital advertising experience, achieving transparency through the benefits of decentralization and optimizing advertising budgets by reducing the number of intermediaries.

We had a chance to talk to IronSource’s CTO and co-founder Itay Milrad, who told Cryptovest the reason behind their decision to support Zinc:

“We’ve always pursued a product-first philosophy, which is why we are one of the largest rewarded video ad networks in the industry. Part of that hyper-growth has come from investing heavily in constantly building out our technology and adding new features to our platform. Zinc provides an exciting proposition in terms of empowering users to decide which data to share with advertisers, and to be rewarded for doing so. As such, by supporting the Zinc protocol we’re able to offer advertisers an additional method to connect with specific audiences in a reliable and transparent way.”

Tel Aviv-based IronSource, a leading provider of digital advertising solutions, helps game developers monetize their creations. The company offers the industry’s largest video network, mobile mediation, and data acquisition platforms. Being one of the market leaders, IronSource has extensive expertise and ample resources to provide robust and comprehensive solutions even for the most prominent game developers.

“The key issue today, when it comes to online advertising, is the lack of reliable first-party user data for advertising targeting and validation. Marketing platforms clearly see an uplift in advertising spend and quality when targeting users with rich user data – from basic demographics to very detailed interests data. Zinc protocol can allow us to continue growing by enriching our offerings to advertisers,” Itay Milrad further added.

 Zinc’s benefits for industry players:

  • Advertisers will get access to real data shared by Zinc users to target their campaigns more efficiently.
  • Ad networks will enhance ad quality by providing verifiable data, reducing inefficiencies, and mitigating fraud.
  • App developers will improve monetization by serving highly relevant ads, which will result in less crowded UI and better user retention.
  • Users will enjoy rewards in the form of premium content, unique features, or the option for ad removal in a Zinc-supported app.

Visit the Zinc’s official website to get more information, or follow the project on Telegram for updates.

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