Blockchain – Funny Games, Monetary Profit Or Saving Lives?

Many looked at the blockchain technology with reluctance as the idea it proposes undoubtedly goes against our traditional structures. Yet, in today’s world, everyone uses machinery and computers to some extent. Therefore, technology must be seen as an incremental process – from paperwork to digitalized information to blockchain. The shared ledger is a natural step for our society as the need for transparent operations is acute.

In spite of the various opinions the mainstream has about the blockchain, so far the technology proves to be more and more popular, and the crypto adoption is reaching new heights. A plethora of projects is showing how useful blockchain technology can be to our society giving its openness and transparency of transactions.

An exciting collaboration between SP8DE and CryptoKitties shows that there are no limits when it comes to the crypto space. SP8DE is devoted to fair and innovative solutions, while CryptoKitties is a pioneer in the industry and one of the first blockchain games in the world. The partnership is eyeing a charitable project in which CHAOS RNG, SP8DE’s core feature, will be used as a first use-case scenario in the campaign promoting the CryptoKitties Charity Raffle.

To many users, Cryptokitties represents their first blockchain experience with a dApp that has reached a record number of crypto adoption. Cryptokitties is the first blockchain-based game to surpass 10 000 DAU (daily active users) and, even in bear market conditions, is still topping the dApps rankings by user base and trade volume. It was the first game proving the value of digital ownership, explaining blockchain transactions, and bring fun to the tech industry.

The project, Charity Raffle, shows how blockchain solutions can make a difference to issues in the real world. However, crypto lotteries and charity raffles are sometimes subject to concern. How can you make sure the draw is fair? Can the lottery be rigged? All are valid questions, but SP8DE’s CHAOS RNG, the essential part of the project’s MVP, will be used to choose the winners.

SP8DE is hosting the event at , and all proceeds will be given to Cat Town in Oakland, California. Cat Town is a project with no chains or cages, and since the opening in 2011, they’ve helped to reduce the city’s euthanasia rate for cats by 70%. The first winner will get an exclusive Dog (Cat), a unique virtual creature, one of the twelve existing in the world which is worth more than 100 ETH. The drawing for the Dog (Cat), and three other super-rare Cryptokitties was supposed to take place on October 22, with the names to be announced on the partnership’s website, but now they say the raffle is extended till October 31 with special Halloween prizes so that more people can participate.

Together with Bitcoin Private Foundation, Node Worldwide, and private crypto philanthropists, SP8DE wants to demonstrate that the power of the blockchain is much stronger than most think as it has the potential to save lives! This initiative is on the San Francisco Blockchain Week’s agenda, and the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle will be launched at an exclusive party during the event.

For SP8DE, this is a fantastic opportunity to publicly prove the legitimacy of the CHAOS RNG feature while helping towards a real-world problem. The collaboration also marks their first initiative within the lottery segment. SP8DE guarantees that the raffle drawing will be fair as it features a part of our enterprise solution aimed to host nation-wide lotteries.

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