The IOTA team wins at the Startup Autobahn pitch event, attended by Porsche, Mercedes

On 19th July, the IOTA team won the award at Startup Autobahn pitch event conducted at the Carl Benz Arena in Stuttgart. The event was held by PlugandPlayTC, a company that bridges the gap between technology startups with world’s large corporations. Alisa Maas, on behalf of the IOTA team, presented on ‘innovative blockchain and automotive solutions’ among 30 other startups.

PlugandPlayTC conducts at least 50 accelerator programs per year to connect startups and corporations for the purpose of innovation. Startup Autobahn is the platform used by PlugandPlayTC to conduct these programs. This particular event is considered to be highly exclusive and big corporations such as Mercedes and Porsche attended it.

Dominik Schiener, the Co-founder of IOTA, on the meetup said:

“Was really amazing to finally meet many of my colleagues at the #IOTA Foundation after working together purely digitally for years. Very humbled and proud how the team grew from the initially founders, to now more than 60+ and growing. Exciting times ahead for IOTA! #winningteam.”

On the same day, a fan channel of IOTA on Twitter posted several possible use cases of IOTA’s technology. One of them is Self-charging Delivery Drones. Here, the fan channel suggests that people can pay drone for delivery per meter. When the battery is discharged, the drone detects a solar panel to recharge itself and completes a transaction in IOTA directly with the solar panel.

Self-charging Delivery Drone illustration | Source: Twitter

IOTA’s fan channel also tweeted on centralization, and how it can be defeated. The tweet read:

“Everything that has an expensive middleman today, can be automated & distributed in the future with #IOTA. Centralisation is one of the losers of tomorrow! Follow us to be part of the revolution! #Tangle #fintech #crypto #cryptocurrency #IoT #smartcity #smartmobility #industry40”

Tangle is a new block-less distributed ledger design used by IOTA to advance transactions and data integrity to achieve the goals of the Internet of Things [IoT]. It is scalable and inexpensive, consensus-based and a peer-to-peer decentralized system.

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