Saifu is a crypto-fiat financial institution based in the Czech Republic that will soon hold its own ICO. The project will use the funds collected through the ICO to implement its growth strategy and expand its range of services. Saifu aims to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream so that clients can securely buy, store, and use crypto and fiat currencies on a safe, regulated platform. It is already an established business, serving customers (in Beta testing) and its ICO is designed, among other things, to facilitate an aggressive growth strategy.

What sets Saifu apart from other ICOs is that it is an institution that provides personal and business accounts with an IBAN for both fiat and cryptocurrencies, exchange services, bank-grade security, custodial services for cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and payment services, all via a regulated and externally audited service. This means that clients will have an account where both crypto and fiat currencies can be stored, exchanged at competitive rates, and transferred via SEPA/SWIFT. Account holders will then have the ability to pay for all their daily needs in cryptocurrencies using a Mastercard linked to their cryptocurrency account. Additional services such as business/corporate payroll programs in crypto-fiat currencies will also be available.

According to co-founder and CTO Evgeny Vigovsky “Saifu has a competitive advantage that puts it a step above competitors like Bankera, Revould or Monaize. Simply put, they cannot provide sufficient banking security. We have teamed up with Thales, arguably the world leader in banking security, to take our service to the next level. This is very exciting.” Vigovsky is a 12-year veteran of Kaspersky Lab, and left his last post as the global head of Kaspersky’s DDoS business protection unit to launch Saifu. CSO Alexander Legoshin brings over 10 years of experience in strategic marketing and software development, and has been involved with several successful ventures across sectors. At the senior level, Saifu has industry leading expertise in marketing, software development, and information security and technology.

As for the Token to be offered, the Saifu Token (SFU) is essentially a loyalty program that offers discounts and token rewards to users and holders. For example, all transaction fees are listed in fiat, but payable in SFU. This means that the initial fees for the issue of the Saifu card, monthly fees, various fiat-fiat and crypto-fiat currency exchanges and transaction fees are payable in SFU as well. For using SFU for transactions, clients will receive “tokens back” and discounts calculated based on the number of tokens they hold and how long they have held them. According to Saifu’s business model, 25% of SFU Tokens will be held by the founders and team, which will ensure that their interests are aligned with those of the token holders. Another 10% will be retained for marketing and user reward purposes.

Saifu is conducting its ICO with the assistance of ICOBox, the world’s premier provider of SaaS ICO services. “We believe that Saifu is a project with a solid foundation,” ICOBox co-founder Nick Evdokimov pointed out. “The company is poised to bring users with more traditional banking habits into the cryptocurrency world. We look forward to a great ICO.”

The Saifu ICO starts on Feb 19 and will run until April 11. For more information please go to

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