Catalan Government Calls For Public Administration Blockchain Plan

The Catalan government announced its intention to create a blockchain technology plan aimed at improving government services.

  • In an announcement on Tuesday, the government of Catalonia revealed it had instructed the Department of Digital Policies to develop a strategic plan by December to use blockchain to integrate and improve government services. Per the announcement:

    “This strategic plan … will identify the areas of activity in which this technology can develop the maximum potential and will include the economic evaluation that would be derived from its implementation. From here, the cases of use will be specified.”

    The order is part of an ongoing effort in Catalonia, called the SmartCat Strategy, that seeks to use technology to improve all facets of civic life. As part of this effort, in October, Barcelona will host a major technology conference focused on blockchain, AI, and IoT.

    According to the announcement, this plan puts Catalonia in the position to become “a leader in the use and development of ‘blockchain.'”

    It’s not the first time people in the region have had high hopes for the technology. After the independence referendum last year, and the crackdown that followed, some in Catalonia saw blockchain as a potential means to circumvent Spanish censorship and political intervention. 

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