Woman ‘lucky to be alive’ after stumbling on deadly blue-ringed octopus at beach

A woman joked she's "immune" to death after she unknowingly picked up a highly venomous octopus at a beach.

The TikToker, who goes by the name "Katapillah", said she was born and raised in Australia but never had an encounter with this special species.

She posted the video on her account, showing her scooping the dotted sea creature from the shallow water.

The palm-sized octopus, with a beautiful orange and blue coat, quickly makes its way across her hand.

"It clearly didn't see me as a threat, he kept swimming around," she writes in the comments.

Her video quickly drew viewers' attention and many warned her of the danger.

One said: "Oh my God why would you? You're lucky to still be here, mind you they are pretty elusive. Most Aussies won't ever see one, but we all know not to touch."

"I recommend you to not ever do that again, otherwise you will be 'unalived'," another wrote and a third warned: "Put it down right now!!"

Others told the beach-goer that the species of the animal is known as the blue-ringed octopus – which Natural History Museum calls it "stunning but exceptionally deadly".

It is reported the venom is more than 1,000 times more toxic than cyanide.

'Katapillah' said: "It swam up to me five times and just wanted to chill. I didn't know until half-hour later what it was.

"It's been 72 hours, I guess."

In March, a woman from the US shared her encounter with the deadly animal when she was enjoying her holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

She picked up the tiny octopus and let it crawl on her hand while her friend splashed water on it.

"The blue-ringed octopus, despite its small size, carries enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes," she wrote.

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