William and Charles ‘want Andrew to be toast forever’ — Lady Colin Campbell

Prince Andrew is trying to reclaim his lost royal titles while the Queen is alive because Prince Charles and William "want him to be toast", according to Lady Colin Campbell.

Prince Charles and William 'want Andrew to be toast forever' as he pushes to reclaim HRH status, claims Lady Colin Campbell.

The royal writer says Andrew's sudden determination to bounce back from Palace wilderness is because he relies on the Queen's influence to achieve it.

Lady C's comments follow reports that Andrew is pushing for his HRH status to be "reinstated, recognised and respected", having been stripped of his honours.

The Duke of York lost the use of HRH, as well as his military titles, in January while he was facing a civil action in the US over sexual abuse allegations which he strongly denies.

He is now lobbying the Queen to be reinstated as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and for his status as a blood prince to be restored.

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight alongside human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, and Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer, David Emanuel, Lady C said: "It’s a difficult and complex matter.

"I get why Prince Andrew is pushing for a public return because if he doesn’t do it while his mother is alive and advance his case he’s going to be toast forever – because Charles and William want him to be toast forever."

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The reported drive to keep Andrew frozen out appears to be the latest example of Charles and William, who are first and second-in-line to the throne, taking on more responsibilities as Her Majesty's health concerns grow.

David Emanuel added on the show that Andrew’s exclusion would be for the best: "He’s thick skinned, arrogant and he should just disappear. He’s gone from scandal to scandal since leaving the Navy. He’s just not getting the memo, is he?

"It’s a PR disaster for the whole Royal family."

Peter Tatchell agreed that this latest snub for the beleaguered Prince Andrew "was absolutely the right thing to happen."

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He then added: "I’m no fan of the Royals and Andrew hasn’t been convicted of any offence, but the fact he paid millions to Virginia Giuffre does imply guilt or that he has something to hide.

"He can’t be anywhere near the Royals to protect their reputation. It would send a very bad signal to women across the country as well."

Dan Wootton Tonight airs on GB News at 9pm from Monday-Thursday.

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