‘We’re in a state of WW3’ Russian state TV declares NATO ‘today’s Hitler’

Russia: State TV compares NATO to ‘today’s Hitler’

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Russian state television has persisted in a tirade of pro-war propaganda which suggested Putin would be willing to start World War Three if his mission to conquer Ukraine failed. The hosts spewed claims of international violence against Russia and declared Putin would retaliate against the country’s global enemies with nuclear weapons. “They declared a war against us, what else are we waiting for?” asked one host who advocated for an escalation of Russian attacks. We’ll have to conduct a special operation to demilitarise NATO and that might not be easy,” another presenter argued.

One enraged Russian television host condemned the international alliance of NATO.

“These representatives of 40 countries are today’s collective Hitler,” he proclaimed.

The host continued, “you were absolutely right to say de-facto we’re in a state of World War Three.”

Another representative of the state-controlled media agreed, “Russia brings justice, peace and security to the global world order while all of those colleagues are trying to start a big war.”

Notable Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan added, “either we lose in Ukraine, or the Third World War starts.”

“I think World War Three is more realistic knowing us, knowing our leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” she explained.

The editor-in-chief of Russian state-controlled media said, “the most credible option that all this will end with a nuclear strike seems more probable to me than the other course of events.”

Another Russian host echoed her suggestions and added, “but we will go to heaven and they will simply croak.”

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Russian media is heavily restricted by state censorship and has been largely churning out pro-war content since the invasion began.

The hosts of Russian television describe Putin’s invasion of Ukraine not as a war but as a “special military operation.”

Allies of Ukraine have been denounced as enemies of Russia and the media have directly attacked the involvement of NATO in the conflict.

President Putin has threatened Russian retaliation against countries that support the defensive efforts of Ukraine.

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In a speech criticising international involvement, Vladimir Putin said “if someone intends to intervene in the ongoing events from the outside and create strategic threats for Russia that are unacceptable to us, they should know that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning-fast.”

The Russian President bragged, “we have all the tools for this, things no one else can boast of having now.”

Putin claimed global sanctions placed on Russia have been ineffective and warned against international efforts to further restrict the country.

“Our banking system, national currency, transport, trade, economy, have withstood them and not crumbled,” the President boasted of Russian power.

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