Wayne Lineker gets 'steaming drunk' and parties alone at his beach club after Ibiza makes the green list

WAYNE Linekar got “steaming drunk” and partied alone at his beach club after Ibiza made the green list.

The British sports pundit and businessman is known for owning Ibiza's famous O Beach Ibiza, which, like many others, had to close its door throughout the pandemic.

Linekar finally had the news he had been waiting for with the government’s latest travel green list announcement – which has added the Balearic Islands to the quarantine-free travel register.

In a series of Instagram posts and stories posted over Wednesday and Thursday, Linekar preempted, then celebrated, the green list changes.

A post on Wednesday evening, ahead of the announcement, the entrepreneur took to Instagram to encourage his followers to optimistically book their trips in anticipation of the change.

“It’s been a long wait but we are 99% sure we are getting the green light tomorrow,” the post read.

“Get them flights booked it’s gonna be a scramble to get them .. come on ibiza let’s gooo buzzing #ibiza2021 #itson #wazzasback”

Linekar proceeded to post a video of him and Tony Truman watching the announcement, while seated on a bench in his beach club emblazoned with the orange Veuve Clicquot logo.

The moment that the pair found out Ibiza was on the list, Linekar jumps up and pops a bottle of bubbles, before spraying it all over his pal while the pair scream “IBIZA”. 

The next post from Linekar is a photo of him looking elated, while sitting in the same spot in O Beach Ibiza.

“We’re green ……Honestly I’m so happy,” the caption read.

“I am absolutely steaming but if there’s one day I can be it has to be today. Love you all thank you for your continual support #taxi #ibiza2021”

Linekar then shifted over to his Instagram stories to continue documenting his joy and to show the beach club being set up to reopen.

Speaking over a clip which is covered with green hearts and laughing face emojis, Linekar said “We got the f****ing green light”.

“Yes. And I’m steaming. But… if there’s one day… in my life that I deserve to be steaming, it’s today.”

The clip is followed by many others of him laughing and hanging out in his club, alone, before he films a walk along a beachside road.

Linekar’s elation comes after the government on Thursday announced new updates to the travel traffic light system.

Ibiza, Majorca and the Caribbean are among the locations that have been added to the green list.

These updates come into effect from next Wednesday, meaning travellers will not need to quarantine when returning to the UK.

Anyone coming back to Britain from a green list destination will still need to have two Covid tests.

This includes a pre-arrival Covid test, and also a test on day two of returning to the UK.

While the mood amid some hopeful holiday-makers is similar to Linekar’s, there is confusion after Grant Shapps admitted almost all the new green list countries are on the green “watch list” and therefore on the brink of turning amber again.

Mr Shapps said sun seekers should be aware that "things might change quickly" and make sure they have full insurance before booking a trip abroad.

Despite this, influencers and celebrities jumped to comment on Linekar’s posts, announcing their plans to visit the popular holiday spot or posting green hearts.

Amelia Goodman, rumoured to be one of the latest Love Island contestants, commented to say “Catch me on the next plane,” while Linekar’s ex-fiance Danielle Sandhu commented saying “Wooooooooo” with several partying emojis.

Wayne, 58, is the younger brother to football legend Gary Lineker.

His club O Beach Ibiza which has a big celebrity following, and has boosted his profile since its opening.

Wayne kicked off his nightlife empire in 1988 with his own brand of sports bars called Lineker’s Bar.

Lineker’s Bar now has branches in the Costa del Sol, Majorca and Puerto Banus as well as Ibiza.

During the pandemic, Wayne has seen many of his clubs and bars having to close their doors.

However, he is still not doing too badly for himself as he reportedly has a wealth of £30million.

In January 2021 Wayne tried his hand at a different experience, pivoting to take part in Celebs Go Dating.

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