Vet jailed over child abuse images and videos of himself having sex with dogs

A perverted vet who made videos of himself sexually abusing dogs and collected child abuse images has been jailed for over 22 years.

Prentiss Madden, 40, had been the medical director of Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Aventura, Florida.

Homeland Security agents acting on an online tip raided Madden’s home in March. A search revealed a sick cache of child abuse images and videos, as well as a number of video files that showed him sexually abusing dogs.

Other videos showed Madden crushing small animals to death.

Madden shared the vile content with other sickos online using Dropbox, storing “thousands” of horrifying files on his own account, according to prosecutors.

Some of the videos showed animal abuse taking place at Madden’s place of work, according to court papers.

Madden’s employment had been terminated prior to his arrest, as soon as managers at Caring Hands learned of the investigation.

"We at Caring Hands Animal Hospital are appalled by the nature of the charges against Prentiss Madden," the hospital said in a statement to news channel NBC6 following his arrest. "Our legal team and every single member of the Caring Hands family will be doing everything in our power to aid law enforcement and facilitate their investigation and prosecution.”

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On July 29, Madden pleaded guilty to three counts of receipt of child pornography, one count of possession of child pornography, and one count of creation of an animal torture video.

People who knew Madden said they had been stunned by the revelations."I'm still in a state of shock, disbelief, sadness. I truly cannot believe this," said animal-lover Lindsey Donzanti.

She added that Madden had frequently treated her pets as well as those that she had rescued.

"I was probably one of Dr. Madden’s first clients,” she said. “I am a rescuer and I live in the area. I have promoted him countless times.

“This is incredible,” she added. “It is so sad. You just wonder who you can trust with your animals."

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