Ultimate ‘Full English’ sandwich has defeated 74 out of 80 who tried to eat it

Undeterred by the government’s rigorous Tier 3 restrictions, a café in Bromsgrove, Worcs. is still offering a monster sandwich containing the equivalent of a Full English breakfast in one handy package.

David Blackburn, owner of Big Dave's Cafe boasts that the foot-tall food challenge is a dream come true for any Full English breakfast lover.

In normal times, big eaters hoping to take on the bread-based beast would get their £20sandwich for free if they can manage to force it down within 40 minutes but, Dave explained to the Daily Star, at present he is able to offer food for take away only, so sadly his challenge is currently suspended.

He added, though, that he’ll still happily make you one as long as you call the day before to order it – and says that many people share the substantial snack with a mate.

The sandwich is made from freshly baked bread which is sliced into three massive chunks and then packed with all of the usual breakfast heroes.

The 4,000 calorie monstrosity features five pork sausages, five bacon rashers, five eggs, 800g of beans, 800g of tomatoes, 500g of mushrooms and a selection of black pudding, haggis, hashbrowns or all three.

David 48, who's owned the cafe for eight years, says that of the 80 or so people who have accepted his 40-minute challenge, only six have staggered away successful.

He explained how his super-sized sandwich is put together: "It's one of our breakfasts – it's five pork sausages, five bacon, five eggs, double beans and tomatoes, and mushrooms and either black pudding, haggis or hash brown or all three and it's all on our crispy bread.

"It's baked fresh every morning – it's lovely. It's quite entertaining to watch – it's just so massive but I couldn't do it, not even close.

"It's the dream sandwich for any english breakfast lover, really.

"My advice is come hungry because you won't leave hungry."

David got the idea to create the hefty fry-up many years ago when he came across some videos of competitive eaters and found incredibly entertaining.

His carbohydrate-heavy delight has stood the test of time and has only been defeated once in the last five years.

David said: "It's delicious but it's so just so massive, maybe too massive for me.

"But I definitely recommend it – it's like having all of your favourite bits of the English breakfast contained in one bite between some bread."

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