UK snow forecast: Britain colder than NORWAY as snow to fall across UK in ‘Baltic’ blast

UK weather: Snow and cold winds set to hit Britain

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Temperatures of 5C have been forecast in Norway’s capital, Oslo this afternoon. The UK, however, is braced for lows of -3C in Scotland, weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted. The south will see warmer temperatures of between 0C and 4C.

Senior meteorologist at Netweather, Jo Farrow, said the cold weather will cause “widespread frost” and “wintry showers” across the country.

Meanwhile, WXCharts has forecast snow in the UK as far south as Manchester today, with 0.1inch (0.3cm) falling per hour across the afternoon.

Cold wind will make temperatures feel even colder, with Scotland feeling as cold as -8C.

Wales will feel like -4C, while the Midlands will feel as cold as 0C.

Ms Farrow said: “A cold northerly flow will continue into the weekend with the windchill remaining longest for eastern Britain.

“There will be widespread frosts and that north wind will bring wintry showers right down through the UK, most for northern Scotland but a few reaching down into southern Britain.

“Sheltered sunshine will still feel warm, so what to wear remains confusing and at times annoying.

“The middle of next week looks warmer for most.

“Yesterday’s nearby low pressure has moved off over the Baltic sea but continues to steer cold Arctic air towards the UK.

“High pressure is beginning to build over the UK for the weekend with a lot of settled weather but still chilly.

“Until the next Atlantic low moves in.

“This takes its time but will alter the air mass and flow to come from a milder southerly direction.

“So fine this weekend but cold by night and then warmer next week but unsettled.”

The Met Office’s forecast for today warns that snow will settle on higher ground.

It says: “Rain clearing from southernmost counties of England.

“Sunny spells for many but also a scattering of showers, these heaviest and most frequent in the north with hail, sleet, and some snow on hills. Feeling rather cold.

“Showers becoming confined to northern and western coasts, mainly across northern Scotland where some snow will settle on high ground.

“Clear skies inland allowing a widespread frost to develop.”

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