The Chase crowned most popular gameshow but is one of the hardest to win

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is watching a game show on TV and realising that, if you were up there, you could've done better than some contestants.

Fortunately, a study has calculated which are the TV game shows you can easily enter and win big, as well as some expert tips on how.

According to the study by OLGB, you have the highest chance of winning at the game show Tipping Point as it has a 58.5% chance of taking home a cash prize.

All the questions on Tipping Point are on general knowledge, so all you need to do is brush up a little and you have a shot at winning big.

If you don’t fancy Tipping Point, you could always join Bradley Walsh on The Chase, as the data shows you have a 25.35% chance of winning.

The highest amount to ever be won on The Chase was a whopping £75,000 as a solo player and £100,000 as a team. The experts suggest that Shaun is the easiest 'chaser' to beat.

What about those who are after the largest jackpot? Well, if you go on Jeopardy you could walk away with a massive £2,472,942 million pounds, but data shows that you only have a 0.50% chance of winning. So make sure you’re feeling lucky that day.

And while we all very much want to be a millionaire, the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? only has a 7.93% win rate of £1,000,000, so you've got to be someone very special (and lucky) to get the confetti falling there.

Finally, we have The Chase. While easy to scoop a prize, it's actually very hard to win the top prize.

The win rate for this is only 6.98%, so your chances are pretty slim, but there’s no harm in trying.

Which are the most popular TV gameshows?

Whichever gameshows are the most popular, will usually give an indication of how easy it will be to get on the show.

OLBG revealed that the most popular TV game show in the UK currently is The Chase, with 135,000 UK monthly searches.

Then it’s followed by Countdown with 110,000 searches and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with 74,000 searches.

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Expert tips for getting on a TV game show

If you're serious about getting on and winning a TV game show, here are some OLBG expert tips on making it happen.

1. Look out for contestant calls – Follow Case Me on Twitter and Contestant Collective on Facebook to discover the latest contestant calls. Enter as soon as you possibly can and especially try out newer shows.

2. Do your research – Make sure you understand the show you want to go on. If you get asked to go and do a practice run, you want to make sure you understand it.

3. Make sure your application stands out – Consider ways you can make your entry stand out. If you get a phone interview, try to be as enthusiastic as possible.

4. Consider boosting your social presence before entering – Before it comes to entering the show, especially for more reality TV shows, it could be wise to work on increasing your followers.

5. Finally, embrace being yourself – If you're uncomfortable, it's going to show and could ruin your chances of being cast. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Good luck!

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