The biggest Euromillions prizes and jackpots ever won

When it comes to life-changing money, nothing in the National Lottery world compares to EuroMillions.

The huge competition sees people from nine different countries across the continent participate in a monster competition where the pot is never in anything less than in the multi-millions.

More than 1,400 draws have taken place since 2004 with millions of winners receiving cash prizes for their efforts.

France has the best record on the draw, returning 833 million winners in the 17-year span.

The UK comes in second with 716 million winners and Spain in third with 613 million.

However, the UK has the highest number of jackpot winners, with 22% of all of the biggest prizes going to Brits. This translates to 114 very lucky ticket holders.

What is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won?

In October, 2021, a French winner took the top spot as the biggest winner of all time when they scooped up an eye-watering £184 million.

They won the fortune with the numbers 49, 21, 26, 34, 31, with Lucky Stars: 05, 02.

They knocked an anonymous Swiss winner off the top spot who had taken home £177 million in February, 2021.

Overall, in 2021, five Brits won the EuroMillions, with the largest win coming in April when someone secured a staggering £122 million.

However, the British record is held by an anonymous winner from 2019 who collected £170 million.

Britain's second-biggest winners were Colin and Chris Weir, who bagged £161 million and used £3.5 million to buy a house and cars.

The couple divorced in 2019 and Colin died shortly afterwards.

In 2012, a Suffolk-based couple, Adrian and Gillian Bayfor, won £148 million and bought a £6.5 million manor house. They divorced 15 months later.

Which countries participate in EuroMillions?

The nine countries that participate in EuroMillions are, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland (Los), Switzerland (Romande) , and the United Kingdom.

How much is a EuroMillions ticket?

A single ticket into the EuroMillions draw costs £2.50, 50p more than a standard Lotto ticket (£2) and 150% more than a Thunderball ticket, which comes in at just £1.00.

However, these relatively large costs are easily offset by the huge size of the jackpots, with pots starting at £14,530,000.

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