Terrifying Tik Tok video shows Chinese children undergoing mortar practice in school

China: Children appear to take part in mortar practice

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Chinese schoolchildren have been filmed taking part in mass military drills. The chilling video, which has been shared widely on the social media platform Tik Tok in China, shows what appear to be military instructors giving young school kids instructions on how to fire a mortar. The two young schoolgirls stand ready with one holding a primed mortar bomb ready to fire, the other girl appears nervous and flinches as the instructor barks out commands.

The shocking clip end with the kids launching a mortar bomb into the air wish explodes in a cloud of colored smoke.

Squads of camo-clad children can be seen walking past in the background.

While in the background more school kids sit and receive instruction on what appears to be a play yard.

The mock practice comes less than a week after GB NEWS host Colin Brazier warned that China is “now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping.”

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Mr Brazier told GB News viewers: “In Britain, over centuries a system developed that prevents the exclusive hero-worship of one individual.

“Our monarch come closest but she doesn’t have any real power

“Nobody is teaching little children about Queen Elizabeth thought any more than Boris Johnson is producing a little blue book to tell impressionable teenagers how to think.

“The closest thing we have had to a political cult of personality in recent years surrounded Winston Churchill.

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“If you want to understand how different Britain and China are imagine what would happen to someone who painted ‘racist’ on a statue of Xi Jinping in the centre of Beijing.

“Well, China is suspicious of any ideology other than its own Marxism with a Chinese face.

“It has clamped down on the Uighur Muslims and Buddhist Tibetans as well as Chinese Christians,” he continued.

“What is alarming is how little this bothers us, partially that is a function of how little we know.”


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“I like to think that ultimately the Communist Party will be toppled by people’s power.

“It has happened before, many times in other parts of the world.

“But never before has a state of China’s size brought together information and surveillance technology in a way that seems to deny even a glimmer of revolutionary dissent.

He added: “Having banished God, China is now teaching its children how to worship Xi Jinping.”

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