Terrifying moment pensioner, 69, steps into ‘puddle’ – and disappears from sight

This is the shocking moment a 69-year-old man almost drowns after stepping into a puddle that turned out to be a water-filled trench.

Mikhail Kuptsov was walking into the camera shot after a woman started filming the scene where a car appeared to have got stuck in water.

The footage shows the pensioner walking on the sidewalk before suddenly getting “swallowed” to the neck by a pit full of dirty water.

Nearby taxi driver Nikita Subkov, 22, rushes to his and and gets into the pond to help the old man.

Nikita said he was waiting for a customer when he heard cries for help.

“That day I was driving along Gazovikov when I heard the screams of a tenant as if a man was drowning,” he said.

“Then I saw a man really was drowning in the muddy water. People were shouting so I ran over to help."

After Nikita helped the elderly man out of the flooded pit, he made sure that Mikhail was well.

The taxi driver added: "He recovered and said that everything seemed to be fine.

"I saw that nothing critical was happening to him and I left. I didn't even ask his name.

"To be honest, I don't think I did anything unusual, in my place anyone would do the same."

It’s not the first time an apparent puddle has swallowed people whole.

Back in 2016, baffling footage showed the moment three men completely vanished after diving into a hole in the ground.

The clip, which was apparently filmed in Russia in 2011, was posted on Reddit by a mystified viewer.

They wanted to know what happened and how in nature this could occur, and someone thought they had the answer.

One viewer wrote: “Peat bog, I'm guessing. The mat of roots at the surface can support your weight.

"I’m guessing they cut a hole in it so they can swim to open water, which might be just a few feet away."

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