Teacher left with 'Harry Potter scar' after drunk mum-of-two glassed her in face with champagne flute

A TEACHING assistant has been left with a "Harry Potter-style scar" after a drunk mum glassed her in the face with a champagne flute.

Lynsey Morgan, 38, launched a brutal boozy attack on the woman before biting an innocent bystander and lashing out at a police officer.

The unnamed victim now feels "self-conscious" and is often "unable to leave the house" due to the 7cm scar on her forehead.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Morgan was holding a glass flute in her hand when she lunged at the victim, who she vaguely knew of.

CCTV footage showed the pair talking at the Arden Inn in Accrington, Lancashire as the mum-of-two drunkenly swayed while sipping from a fluted glass.

Morgan later approached the victim who was stood with a man, before leaning in to kiss them both.

She then grabbed the victim by her hair and dragged her downwards, as the horrified man stood between them.

The 38-year-old punched the woman several times, before terrifyingly striking her in the face with the glass in her hand twice.

She then dragged her along the floor in front of shocked pubgoers and continued to "be aggressive to her" prosecutor Clare Thomas said.

Morgan, formerly of Hapton, Lancs, was then hauled away while the victim was given first aid by another reveller – but then unbelievably returned to BITE the woman trying to help.

The drunken mother continued her aggression towards onlookers even when she had been arrested, handcuffed and escorted away by cops – before targeting an officer.

Morgan had "kicked a PC the shin" and spat "on him three times", Ms Thomas explained.

A victim impact statement read to the court told how the woman had been left "teary" and "unable to leave the house" in wake of the attack.

The victim lost her job as a result and has told officers she was left terrified to leave her home in fear of bumping into Morgan.

After gaining a job in a school as a teaching assistant, she is constantly reminded by inquisitive children who ask how she got the "nasty" scar.

You have two children who somebody is going to have to explain to at some point where mummy is.

"She said it makes her feel self-conscious. One child called it a Harry Potter scar and that upset her," Ms Thomas added.

The court heard Morgan was "utterly horrified" to have caused the horrific injury and that she was struggling with post-natal depression at the time of the incident.

After seeking counselling to also deal with "deep-rooted childhood trauma" she is "managing much better," Anna Chestnutt, defending, said.

Morgan was jailed for three years after being found guilty of one count of wounding with intent.

She had already admitted common assault and assault of an emergency worker.

Judge Andrew Jefferies QC described the attack as a " 20 second period of momentary loss of control and anger" taken out on a "wholly innocent woman".

"The other sad feature of this case is that you have two children who somebody is going to have to explain to at some point where mummy is."

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