Six people arrested during protests in Denver are from outside Colorado

As of Monday morning 284 people had been arrested in Denver in connection to the recent nighttime protests but very few have been listed as from outside Colorado.

Of the total suspects arrested, 68 are from Denver and 76 from elsewhere in Colorado, according to information released Monday by police. Of the 284 total arrests, police listed 126 with an unknown point of origin.

Some local officials said that a number of outside instigators had come to Colorado intent on sewing trouble and unrest at the protests here but police only identified six people from outside Colorado among those arrested.

On Thursday, after a peaceful start to local protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed in Minneapolis by a white police officer, shots were fired near the state capitol in Denver. Police have not identifed any suspects or a motive, but the shooting triggered tension. Nighttime protests became violent and destructive as police fired tear gas and pepper spray to break up crowds. Windows were smashed, stores looted, vehicles vandalized and fires started. A citywide night curfew was ordered at 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, with the curfew pushed back to 9 p.m. Monday and extended through Friday.

The daily arrest numbers are:

  • Thursday — 13
  • Friday — 18
  • Saturday — 83
  • Sunday — 170

On Thursday, the first night of unrest, and before a curfew was ordered, 13 people were arrested, seven of them reside in Denver, according to police records. Arrest charges on Thursday included burglary, assault, destruction of public property, public fighting and interference with police.

By Sunday, the vast majority of the 170 arrests were for curfew violations. Seven arrests on Sunday were on weapon charges.

Eight juveniles have been arrested since Thursday. Details on those arrests are redacted from the information released Monday.


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