Scorned girlfriend who exposed love rat police chief Jason Collier says he was a total flop in bed

THE girlfriend who exposed love rat police chief Jason Collier has revealed he was a flop in bed.

Cecily Steinmetz, 39, discovered to her horror the cheat was already married and also engaged to a third woman while romancing her.

Today she claimed Texas cop Collier had as many as EIGHT girlfriends on the go at the same time.

But despite all his experience, he was a disappointment between the sheets, she told

Mom-of-two Cecily told how Collier, 41, took her away on a weekend break in New Mexico after a whirlwind two-week romance.

While away the charming liar spoke of marriage "at least 50 times", she said.

"He was everything I had hoped for, I loved him for him. I was attracted to his love and affection more than his physical appearance," Ceily said.

"I never said anything but when he first took off his clothes I could tell he had lost a lot of weight because he had sagging skin hanging all over his body, but I didn't care, I'm not in the best shape either.

"And his love-making was not the best and, especially now knowing all of the practise he had, he should have been better.

"But I loved him for who I though he was."

She said alarm bells had rung when her friend spotted Collier's Facebook posts expressing love for his wife Opal.

But he was able to brush it off with excuses, and even produced an annulment certificate to prove they were no longer married.

It was a forgery, and led to Collier's life falling apart when Cecily realised she had been duped.

She exposed him in a Facebook post addressed to the town of Stinnett, Texas, where the love rat ran the police department.

Furious Cecily wrote: "Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life.

"He lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out her was married."

She said Collier had also asked a second girlfriend to marry him and was a "poor representative of your town."

Another woman, Kristi Shaffer, began commenting underneath the picture that she had also been dating Collier and that they had been engaged since December.

The post went viral and saw Collier turned into a host of internet memes.

And Collier was arrested on suspicion of tampering with an official document in relation to the bogus annulment papers.

He admitted he "feels like the biggest piece of s***" in a video begging for forgiveness.

Stinnet officials placed Collier on administrative leave pending an investigation into the saga.

Days later he quit his job, and now wife Opal has reportedly filed for divorce.

Other women have also come forward to say they had similar experiences of meeting him on dating apps.

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