Russia-Ukraine LIVE: ‘Starting a war!’ Urgent alarm as Putin sends in HUNDREDS more trucks

Russia: Boris Johnson imposes sanctions amid Ukraine invasion

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On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to enter southeast Ukraine under the false guise of “peacekeeping duties.” Fresh footage has emerged from Tuesday of more trucks travelling. US President Joe Biden said Russia has moved supplies of blood and medical equipment into position on their border. He said: “You don’t need blood unless you plan on starting a war.” Russia has the fourth largest military on the planet with 900,000 troops compared to Ukraine’s 361,000. Yesterday, the Russian parliament approved the use of armed forces abroad and made planned to evacuate diplomatic staff from Kiev. Both are further warning signs of an imminent war.



  • UK ‘very concerned’ about imminent invasion07:54
  • Canada delivers ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine

    Canada’s Minister of National Defence has tweeted that a second delivery of “lethal aid” has now been sent to Ukraine.

    Ukraine has received weapons and military gear from NATO countries in the last few weeks.

    Yesterday, Canada imposed financial sanctions on Russia too.

    UK ‘very concerned’ about imminent invasion

    Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary, spoke to BBC Breakfast and said she is “very very concerned about an imminent invasion of Ukraine”.

    She said an assault on the capital Kiev is a “very real possibility”.

    She continued: “Russia has encircled Ukraine so we could see an attack from a variety of directions.

    “Nothing would be off the table in the event of a full invasion.”

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