Russia planning ‘pincer movement’ to unite North and South forces and continue advance

Ukraine: Russia planning ‘pincer movement’ to take besieged city

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Following Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s warning of a “real danger” of WW3 as stating “NATO is engaged in a war with Russia”, Sky News correspondent Mark Stone said that Russia could perform a “piercer movement to unite its north and south forces in Ukraine”. Once united, Russia could plan to “push west”, claimed Mr Stone.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Stone said: “There are so many different front lines in this war”

He continued: “It is misleading to see as a singular front line along the east of the country with the Ukrainians on one side and Russians on the other”

“It is not”, he firmly stated.

Mr Stone then added: “In towns and villages across the east and across the north and across the south, there are multiple front lines, multiple fights taking place and that is ongoing every single day”.

He also said: “We have travelled to the far east of the country to towns that are pretty much encircled now by Russian troops”

“There are reports overnight of Russians amassing troops to the south of Dnipro, about an hour and a half drive south of where we are right now”, he added.

Referring to Russia’s possible moves in Ukraine, Mr Stone said: “There they will potentially attempt over the course of the next few days or weeks to push north”

“Effectively a pincer movement”

“A very traditional military doctrine”, he explained.

He continued: “They are pushing from the east, they have got forces in the north, they have got forces in the south

“And they are trying to unite those two divisions of their military”

Mr Stone concluded: “From there they would push west”.

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The claims follow Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s warning to the West of a “real danger” of WW3. 

The warning comes after Russian Foreign Minister’s statement that continual deliveries of weapons and other military aids to Ukraine would indicate that NATO has decided to “engage in a war with Russia”.

The Russian Foreign Minister also firmly said that NATO, by continuing to deliver military aid, is “pouring oil on the fire”.

Russia’s warnings follow US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit on Monday to President Zelensky in Kyiv and following US decision to provide Ukraine with a military aid package, which included a £130m sale of ammunition to Ukraine. 

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