Report: Bill Belichick’s mother Jeannette Belichick dies at 98 years old

Bill Belichick’s mother Jeannette Belichick died on Monday, the Boston Globe’s Jim McBride reports.

She was 98 years old and died of natural causes, according to the report.

The New England Patriots coach had a close relationship with his mother, who was a teacher, calling her “the real strength behind two coaches in this family” in Jeff Benedict’s “The Dynasty” documenting the Patriots. Belichick’s late father Steve Belichick was also a football coach.

Steve also once credited Jeannette for her role in the family’s coaching success, according to author and ESPN writer Ian O’Conner.

“I don’t think there’s a woman in the country who knows more about football,” he said, per O’Conner. “She can tell you the second-string QB of the Rams and who coaches Texas-El Paso.”

The Patriots just opened their 21st season under Belichick on Sunday. Belichick has not publicly commented on the news.

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