Princess Diana obsessive spends hundreds copying outfits after seeing The Crown

A young American TikTok user has become so obsessed with Princess Diana after watching The Crown that he has spent thousands of dollars recreating her entire wardrobe – despite not knowing much about her a year ago.

Kaden Luna, 20, has been a Diana-devotee for just over a year and is on a mission to snatch up as many of her most iconic outfits as he can get his hands on – splurging around $1500 (£1077) on the pursuit.

Footage of him donning the Princess of Wales' most iconic outfits – one of which cost him $300 (£215) – went viral on TikTok after being uploaded on July 21 as he mimics her 80s outfits perfectly.

Thousands of commenters flocked to the video to commend Kaden's dedication, with one user even suggesting that Netflix hire him as a 'costume stylist' for The Crown.

The video montage showing the 'Di-Hard' fan flaunting his collection of cardigans, sweatshirts and sweaters has been viewed more than two million times.

The retail-worker may have an eye for Diana's fashion but insists that now he's learned more about her, he appreciates more about her than her 'classic ugly 80s sweaters'.

Before last summer, Kaden admits he knew little about the late Princess of Wales until he found himself transformed into a huge fan after watching the first three seasons of The Crown and becoming captivated by her fashion.

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Kaden, from Austin, Texas, said: "I would say I became a fan of Diana a few months before the fourth season of The Crown came out on Netflix.

"I'm not really sure why it started though, I just saw one sweater which I thought was cool. It was the red sweater with the sheep on it.

"I tried to find it and found a knock-off of it, which was close enough.

"Then from there, I started skimming through more photos and seeing more sweaters I liked. That would lead me then to trying to track them down.

"I don't really categorise the clothes by where she wore them. I'll usually just be scrolling through pictures, and if I see something I like, I'll try and track it down using general terms.

"I do genuinely like the clothing too.

"I definitely spend too much. Some aren't too bad – especially if there aren't a lot of people who knew she wore that particular outfit.

"I managed to find most of my items off Depop. But I've also found things through Etsy, Ebay and Mercari.

"There's some I managed to get for $8 (£5.74), but I think the most I spent on a sweater was $300 (£215).

"Everything I learnt about Diana, I learnt in the last year or so. I didn't really know much about her [before that].

"The only media we get about the Royal Family, at least for where I am in the US, is in the form of magazine covers about Royal anniversaries or Prince Harry or whatever.

"So I really didn't know much about her. But I kept seeing photos of her everywhere, and I really liked the way she dressed.

"Her outfits were classic 80s ugly sweaters, and from there it snowballed into me learning more about her as a person.

"Then it became an interest in her and not just me thinking she had some cute outfits.

"I've been watching more documentaries about her since I started collecting her clothes. I learnt more about her as a person, about how she grew up, her family history, how young she was when she got married.

"I really got into her because of all the important issues she spoke up on, like with landmines and AIDS.

"I know so much about her now, not just the fact she dressed cute and looked pretty."

For Kaden, his interest in Diana is something quite unique among his immediate circle.

Kaden said: "My mum doesn't say too much about my Diana collection. But every time I tell her I've brought a new sweater; she knows what it's for.

"I'm the only one in my online friend group and my real-life friend group who has this sort of interest in Diana.

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"I've never really collected clothes to this extent before. Obviously, because I love the 80s, I have tracked down items from that era before.

"This is the first time I've bought clothes because a certain person wore them.

"I mean, a lot of people like her. But not to the extent they'd spend money on random things related to her."

Commenters applauded Kaden's efforts to find Diana's outfits.

Maryrose Simpson commented: "Netflix should of [sic] hired you for costume stylist."

Cara said: "My jaw dropped and never went up again."

Raye commented: "This is such an extremely niche specific special interest and I love it."

Kate Goodell said: "Wish I could just appreciate something without seething with jealousy."

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