Prince Harry is ‘emotionally needy’ after being ‘utterly taken over’ by Meghan

The “emotionally needy” Duke of Sussex has been "utterly taken over" by his wife Meghan, according to one royal commentator.

The feud within the Royal Family has been simmering ever since Mexit, which saw Prince Harry and Meghan stop their official public duties and move to the United States.

The Duchess recently confirmed that she would attend the Invictus Games in the Netherlands alongside her husband, on her first trip since they quit their royal duties.

But author Tina Brown says she thinks Harry is now "reliant" on the Duchess following the fallout after their explosive Oprah interview, reports The Sun.

She said: “The Oprah interview was desperately damaging to any relationship that Harry could ever hope to have with his family.

“And even that could have been gradually assuaged if he hadn’t then announced he was doing a memoir.

“I think the memoir was actually more breathtaking than the interview. Frankly, berating the world for the lack of privacy he’s had and now he can’t stop giving interviews… It’s amazing.”

Tina added: “He’s so emotionally needy that he’s been completely and utterly taken over by Meghan and his whole personality has changed. It’s a really sad thing to a great many people.

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“Meghan seems to answer some huge need in Harry and it seems like they are in a powerful co-dependency. And I do question how it will end.”

The couple will reportedly be followed by a Netflix documentary crew throughout the Invictus Games, which start on Saturday.

But their decision to attend the event in The Hague has been blasted by royal fans after Harry previously claimed it was “too dangerous” for them to travel to the UK.

He is locked in a legal battle with the British government over a decision to downgrade his security, and didn't attend the memorial service for Prince Philip, his grandfather, at Westminster Abbey last month.

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