Prince Andrew 'isolated' from Royals and is 'only person in the world clinging to idea he could return to public life'

PRINCE Andrew has become “isolated" from the Royal family and is the “only person in the world clinging” to the idea that he could return to public life, an expert has claimed.

It comes as Virginia Roberts is attempting to sue the royal in a New York court after alleging that she was forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17.

Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations – which have been examined by the Met on at least two previous occasions.

However he still faces prosecution in US over Roberts ‘sex abuse’ claims – despite UK cops dropping the case.

Now Royal editor Russel Myers has said he believes that the firm are “closing ranks” on the  Duke of York, as they are afraid he will damage the family’s reputation further.

Speaking on Lorraine earlier today, Mr Myers said: “I think he is the only person in the entire world at the moment who is clinging to the aspect that he could return.”

He added: “It does seem they're closing ranks together on him and he's become quite isolated.”

​​It was reported last night that Prince William sees his uncle as a threat to the monarchy’s future.

A source said: “Nine months ago Charles, Anne and Edward had a meeting, a summit, and agreed there was no way back for him.”

Meanwhile, sources close to future king Wills revealed to The Sunday Times how he thinks Andrew has an “ungracious and ungrateful” attitude to his position.

This has created public anger and is a risk and threat to the family, the sources claim.

One told The Sunday Times: “There is no way in the world he’s ever coming back, the family will never let it happen.”

Wills, 39, and dad Charles held separate talks with the Queen when Andrew stepped down from royal duty after his Newsnight interview almost two years ago.

A pal of William claimed: “He is no fan of Uncle Andrew.”

And The Sunday Times’ royal source claimed one of the “triggers” that “really gets” William is his uncle’s attitude.

They added: “Any suggestion there isn’t gratitude for the institution, anything that could lead the public to think that senior members of the family aren’t grateful for their position, (William thinks) is really dangerous.”

Virginia Roberts is attempting to sue the royal in a New York court after alleging that she was forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17.

He could have to stump up millions in damages if a US jury finds he is liable, according to legal experts.

If the court ruled in Roberts' favour, it could see Andrew become the focus of a US criminal investigation linked to the accusations, Nick Goldstone, head of dispute resolution at international law firm Ince, said.

A source close to Prince Andrew responds told ITV: “It comes as no surprise that the Met Police have confirmed that, having reviewed the sex assault claims against The Duke for a third time, they are taking no further action.”

They added: “Despite pressure from the media and claims of new evidence, the Met have concluded that the claims are not sufficient to warrant any further investigation.

"The Duke has always vigorously maintained his innocence and continues to do so.”

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