Parenting expert shares four things you should NEVER say to your kids including commenting on their appearance

A PARENTING expert has shared the four toxic things you should NEVER say to your kids.

Not only will saying these things upset them, but it can create life-long trauma, life coach Larry John II explained in a TikTok video.

Making the child feel like a burden

Saying things such as "You cost me so much money" or "You are so exhausting to take care of," not only makes the child question if you care about them but it can cause much deeper damage.

"This will cause the child to subconsciously hold in their needs and not express what they really need and feel," he explained.

Offensive words towards their appearance

Truly, there's no need to make negative comments about your child's physical features as they take after you, the parents, and their family.

Making comments like "You're so short," "You don't look good today," or "You're too skinny" can cause low self-esteem and low self-confidence, Larry John II explained.

Harmful questions towards behaviors

"Things like 'why are you sitting like that?,' 'why are you walking that?,' or 'why are you chewing like that?' – this will make the child really believe that there's something wrong with them," the expert explained.

This can be very harmful to some kids, he added.

Unhealthy comparison to siblings and other children

This could potentially be one of the most harmful things you can do to a child as they will then spend the rest of their lives comparing themselves to others and wondering why they aren't like them.

"This will make the child believe they aren't good enough and sometimes cause unhealthy relationships with their friends or their actual siblings, which is so important," he explained.

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