One arrested, seven bikes seized and 130 infringements issued as Head Hunters celebrate 20th anniversary of East chapter

Police have arrested one person, seized and impounded seven bikes and issued 130 infringements following a road policing operation to monitor a gang convoy taking place in Auckland over the weekend.

Revving engines filled the air and curious residents emerged from homes to watch as dozens of Head Hunters set off on a cross-city motorcycle run to mark the 20th anniversary of the gang’s most influential chapter.

Meanwhile, police kept a highly visible presence across parts of central and northern
Auckland and undertook a significant road policing operation.

Around a dozen police officers in eight patrol cars set up checkpoints east and west of the East chapter’s Marua Rd pad in Mt Wellington, and on the adjacent Burt/Rutland roads intersection as around 50 patched gang members left on motorcycles about 11am.

Area Commander for Auckland East Inspector Jim Wilson said every rider was stopped at the checkpoints and driver-licensing and vehicle compliance were checked.

“Through strong and deliberate Police tactics we were able to deter high-risk
driving behaviours and encourage enforcement around unlawful gang behaviour
and intimidation,” said Wilson.

“This should send a very clear signal from Police that we will not tolerate
behaviour that will put our community or road safety at risk.”

He said they are reviewing CCTV footage a part of their enquiries to capture offending in relation to gang activity in Auckland over the weekend.

“The complete disregard for other motorists that some groups have is unacceptable, and only place themselves and others at risk,” said Wilson.

“Police will continue to conduct enforcement operations like this weekends and
hold offenders to account.”

Several bikes were impounded for a variety of rider offences, including driving while disqualified and driving while suspended, vehicle plates have been seized and around 100 infringement notices are to be issued.

Yesterday, police in an unmarked car could be seen taking photos of gang members gathered outside the pad.

The Eagle police helicopter also circled above but the gang members weren’t stopped as they headed east on Marua Rd bound for, according to sources, Puhoi, north of Auckland.

The motorcycle run was part of celebrations this weekend, understood to involve hundreds of Head Hunters, marking the chapter’s 20th anniversary.

Police were aware of the gathering and increased police presence in the area for community assurance, and to respond to issues if needed, said a police spokeswoman.

After the gang members left for their journey to Puhoi, police checkpoints remained in place, with one stopping motorists to check driver’s licences.

Police are asking anyone with information relating to the activity to report it to 105 if they have not done so already.

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