Nicola Sturgeon needs to stop stoking division and focus on her many problems closer to home

BORIS Johnson’s ballot box triumph just got sweeter.

After handing Keir Starmer a Red Wall pasting on Super Thursday there was more encouraging news from north of the border.

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Not only did Nicola Sturgeon fail to secure her much-trumpeted majority, but on the constituency vote more Scots opted for ANTI independence parties.

Shrewdly, the PM immediately invited Sturgeon to join a UK anti-Covid task force.

He is right to emphasise the vital importance of national unity not division as we come out of this crisis.

But Sturgeon and her single-issue fanatics aren’t interested in any of that.


Instead of concentrating on their dreadful record on health, schools and the economy they are fixated on achieving the goal of independence.

The last thing the country needs as it recovers from Covid is a fresh bout of political chaos and division.

And by denying the SNP a majority, Scots also showed that they have far less of an appetite for destroying the union than Sturgeon’s shrill Tartan Army.

Rather than stoking division, she should focus on her many problems closer to home.

But don’t hold your breath.

It's time to heal NHS

COVID brought the NHS to its knees.

At times it was at breaking point, almost overwhelmed by patients fighting for life.

Thankfully infection rates are falling fast as the jab is rolled out.

But the scale of the other health problems that built up as NHS heroes battled the bug are now tragically clear.

Cases of cancer, heart disease and dementia were put on hold and now need urgent attention.

A massive backlog of operations will swell waiting lists for years.

So we welcome Boris Johnson’s Queen’s Speech promise to invest billions of pounds more to shore up health services.

The NHS came to Britain’s rescue in our hour of need. But its job is far from over.

It must get all the investment it needs.

Our absolute belter

JOHN KAY was The Sun’s greatest ever reporter.

A champion of public interest journalism, a dedicated professional and a thoroughly nice person to boot.

He broke belting scoops in The Sun for 41 years, winning Reporter of the Year twice.

RIP John. You were Fleet Street’s finest.

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