NHS worker jailed for 3 years over Creamfields coke as Whatsapp joke backfires

An NHS worker has been jailed for three years after a series of WhatsApp messages proved she had intended to sell cocaine at a music festival – with a joke

Courtney Healey, 21, was found smuggling class A drugs into Creamfields festival in August 2021.

She was found with around 14 wraps of cocaine in her bag, but originally told police that she was taking the drugs in for a friend.

The value of cocaine found on her, and in her tent, weighed around 8.9 grams and had a value between £420-£1,100.

Police checked her phone – and uncovered incriminating WhatsApp messages .

The messages, which were read out in Chester Crown Court this week, said: “I smoke it every day. I feel like I might rip someone’s head off otherwise.

“My mum would actually send me to jail if she found out I done it.”

And another message confirmed that she was going to make around £200 for taking the drugs in.

She was slammed by Judge Steven Everett.

He said, as the woman appeared to hang her head in shame in the dock: “Yes, she can hang her head. This is not a naïve young woman is it?

“When she made a prepared statement, she clearly didn’t realise the police would read all of these messages.

“(The messages show) she is completely enveloped in the drug culture and is very blasé about it.

“You can’t be both – a health care support worker and somebody that is involved in the supply of terrible class A drugs.

“And you chose the latter.

“What I have seen shows you were not a person of good character for quite a while before this.”

Despite the Wales-native having no prior convictions, Bernice Campbell, defending, said that mitigation was proving “difficult” for him.

He said: “This is a young woman who has ruined her life.”

Since the sentence was handed down, the woman's Facebook page has been littered with comments about it.

One user joked: “Left a pm about my 9Gs I’ll expect a longer wait time than usual.”

And another user posted on one of her photos: “They'll love you inside.”

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