New Zealanders urged to ‘spread your legs’ by minister in bizarre statement

New Zealand Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins made a hilarious slip of the tongue yesterday during a press conference in which he told Kiwis to “spread their legs”.

Hipkins was updating the nation on today’s positive coronavirus case numbers and reminding everyone to socially distance when he made the unintentional X-rated blunder.

"It is a challenge for people in high density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people," he said.

He accidentally instructed Kiwis to “spread their legs” instead of “stretch their legs” and bumbled through the rest of his sentence after realising his mistake.

The error didn’t go unnoticed by director general of health Ashley Bloomfield, who was seen smirking just seconds later and raising his eyebrows following Hipkins' humorous phrasing.

The moment went instantly viral, with many Kiwis taking to Twitter to poke fun at the unfortunate slip.

“Keep socially distanced when out spreading your legs," one wrote.

Another added a photoshopped Covid-19 advert telling people to "spread your legs” accompanied with the caption: "Latest official government advice, please retweet to get the message out.”

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A third said "Chris Hipkins accidentally saying spread their legs instead of stretch is exactly what we needed today.”

A fourth simply quipped: "Chris Hipkins, saucy flirt."

Later in the afternoon, Hipkins took to social media, posting a photo with the caption "That moment when you realise that what you had intended to say and what you had actually just said weren’t the same”.

"At least I’ve given you all something to laugh about," the caption read.

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