New Central Park 'Karen' 'steals phone charger from black women then calls 911 to claim they're beating her'

CENTRAL Park has a new "Karen" after a woman apparently stole a phone charger from two black women and then called the police claiming they were attacking her.

The unidentified woman refused to give back the phone charger without proof that it belonged to its owners, according to video posted online.

Alana Lambert and her friend were filming a vlog in Central Park in New York City when the portable phone charger they were using fell to the ground.

Lambert said the unidentified woman lunged for the phone charger and refused to give it back, saying she needed proof that it belonged to Lambert.

She then called the police and said Lambert and her friend, both of whom are black, were threatening her.

The NYPD told The Sun on Friday that there is no complaint report on file for the incident.

"They're treating me like they're going to beat me or something," the unidentified woman tells police in a video Lambert captured of the interaction.

"Are you racist or something?" Lambert and her friend asked the woman.

"Yes, I am," she immediately answered.

The two women seem astonished at what the "Karen" is telling police they're supposedly doing.

The woman can be heard saying, "They're getting close to me and they're already touching me."

In the video, the two woman are not seen touching the "Karen."

Eventually, the "Karen" approached a group of mounted police officers to claim the black women have been "threatening her."

 "These two people are coming and threatening me and beating me that this is theirs. I'm not going to give it to them unless they can prove it is theirs," she says.

 Lambert tells a cop: "It's a portable charger. I was riding my bike and my portable charger fell and I turned around and she grabbed it and ran away with it.

"She said we were trying to beat her and called 911."

The women say later in the video that police officers gave her phone charger back.

This woman is not the first "Karen" – a term used for white women who call the police on people of color for mundane reasons – to roam Central Park.

Last summer, Amy Cooper told police that a black man was threatening her life in Central Park when he really just asked her to put her dog on a leash. She was charged for filing a false report, but charges were ultimately dropped.

The incident prompted New York lawmakers to consider making it illegal to file a false report based on race.

In Lambert's case, police returned the phone charger, but she was still distraught from the incident.

"I still cannot believe something like this happened," Lambert said on YouTube.

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