‘Neglected’ sick dog with eye popping out of head dumped in graveyard

A dog so sick her eye had prolapsed out of her head and was dumped in a graveyard by her previous owners.

The Shih Tzu, named Boo by RSPCA Demi Hoby, was found abandoned in a cemetery by a shocked member of the public near Bury, Lancashire.

Boo was found with a gruesome infection in one of her eyes, which led loss of sight as one of her eyes had prolapsed and was bulging from from her skull.

She also had swelling around the wound, and a matted coat, which meant she developed a nasty underlying skin infection.

Officer Hoby said the pup also had very long nails that were starting to curl into the pads of her feet.

She said: "Poor Boo was so terrified she was trembling and was in a terrible condition. She couldn't see anything because she was blind in the infected eye and the other one was covered in matts.

"She couldn't see where she was going and was frightened when anyone went near her.

"Her eye was so swollen and badly infected it was bulging from her head and must have caused her a lot of pain and suffering."

"There was also crusting round her face from where the infection was coming from her eye."

Shannon McCall, the vet who treated Boo, said the dog had come to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in a "state of neglect."

Ms McCall said the injury to her eye was so traumatic, Boo’s entire eye was prolapsed out of her head, and vets were forced to sedate Boo and remove it.

Staff also cut the pup’s coat, clipped her nails and gave her medication so the remaining eye can be kept lubricated.

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She said: "Boo came into our care in a state of neglect.

"She had suffered an injury to her eye that was traumatic in nature, her entire eye was prolapsed out of her head and she had no vision left in it.

"There was a lot of bruising and blood around the eye and it was very swollen and painful. The other eye was also severely infected.

"The condition of her coat was dreadful, with lots of matts present and she had an underlying skin infection. Her nails were very long and had started to curl into her pads."

Boo is now in the care of the RSPCA and will be re-homed once her condition improves.

Officer Hoby said: "Boo seems to be making good progress and when she is fully rehabilitated we will be able to look for a new home for her."

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